W E L C O M E   TO   M Y  B O U D O I R

Well well well... you found your way into my boudoir (that's bedroom, for you non-frenching types)- trying to get personal, eh? Well, there's lots of my personal mess lying around in here...


::About Me::

everything you wanted to know (well, almost everything!) about yours truly


::My Personal Journals::

thoughts, rants, ideas, musings, questions, philosophies, secrets, dreams, reality


::My Photography::

photography is my burning obsession, my life's work, my favorite hobby... see some of my work here


::Lost Destinations::

this is my baby- my wicked, original website featuring my photos of places strange, unusual, abandoned and lost


the ORIGINAL insanicons- collections of twisted and demented emoticons/smileys- both animated, and non- that I have created


::My Poetry::

Yes, I HAVE dabbled in the rhyming arts (sorry, no limericks, but there is a kinda-dirty poem... *giggle*)








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