I dreamt I saw some angels, Some angels I did see, But they could not be angels, Because they talked to me.....

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{9-02-06} Lordy lordy lordy... so many changes since I last updated this page (and, does anyone really read this thing, anyway? Heh) Let's see, which are the most notable...

Well the Weird Texas book came out, which was a fantastic experience... I got to do some actual book signings(!) at Barnes & Nobles (photos from that are on that page) which was something I never dreamed I'd ever do. I also created my own photography website featuring some of my original work for sale- HeatherShade.com (and I started a photoblog to go along with it)

And I am still blogging regularly, so drop by my blogs (links, above) if you wanna get the down & dirty about what's going on on a day-today basis.

I got out of a really horrid, controlling long-term relationship recently and finally regained my independence... which has been very hard but also extremely rewarding. I lost some friends, I gained some new ones, and along the way I discovered who truly loves me.I am living with my Gramma now and we are taking care of each other, and life has a whole new array of possibilities on the horizon. Stay tuned and see where it takes me...

{7-04-05} I have been away for awhile- click here if you're interested in finding out what's been goin' on

{4-11-05} Back from the Houston road trip extravaganza, been working nonstop to get all my stuff ready to send to Weird U.S. for my deadline on the upcoming Weird Texas book (woot!), so I've been busybusy. I did add a page of vacation snapshots from the road trip, as well as this month's Full Moon shot (also taken on the trip), to Lost Destinations. Check it out guys, fun stuff... *wink*

{3-22-05} We leave for Houston this morning, for the last roadtrip-exploration for the Weird Texas book! We are supposed to have internet in our hotel room, so we might get online and maybe even let you spy on us in the room via our webcam, wooo! So in the meantime keep an eye out for us online, check my journal for possible updates from the road, and we will seeya next weekend.... ta ta!

{3-14-05} There have been some updates in the Lair... first and most obviously, I've added this 'News' page, heh. Just thought I needed a place for announcements and updates, etc. And as you can see, there is a link to my most recent journal entries up there as well. This page will be linked from the homepage from now on, so now you can check it out anytime, ho-miiiies.

You guys may have already noticed the first change- the new Shady-toon on the homepage... I wanted something new... something that was more a caricature of me, heh. So there we have it.

The main thing I've updated is my photo albums... each opens up in it's own 'album' now, and I've added a ton of new pictures, and even some new albums, so check them out (or else I'll sick the ghosts on you!!)

And I updated my bio page... it was a little behind-the-times, heh, and I decided to make a personalized Shady-toon for it as well... *grin*

Other new stuff: I added a page of (oh Lobo's gonna hate this) my poetry... and also added a link to my personal quiz -Shady 101- to the Parlor (and for those curious here's the current scoreboard)... and a link to my original twisted little emoticons site- Insanicons- to the Boudoir... and finally, updated the links on my hangouts. So check it all out, people!

Whew, that was a lotta work, hahaha. Hope you guys enjoy all the changes... I'd LOVE to know what you guys think, so sign my guestbook, comment in my journal, send me an email, whatever!

Oh yeah.... and some people seem to feel like that the cute little cherub up there is watching them. But.... that's just CRAZY......... isn't it?? *wink*








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