So what the Hell is going on with this wacky website? Well, allow me to explain...

How many of you guys do or have lived in a lil' tiny apartment? Like, something that's like your little box in the world, in a stack of other little boxes just like yours, piled on, around, next to each other, on a street lined with a bunch of other little piles of boxes? And, all you want is to live in your dream place... mansion/beach house/penthouse/whatever... I mean, you can picture how awesome it would be, and how you would decorate, and what the grounds around it would look like, etc... but there's no way you can afford anything but your little box at the moment... know what I mean?

Well, that's sorta how I was feeling with my personal website. It was sorta becoming a virtual replica of our lil' 2 bedroom place (not that I don't like our place, but it's not the Shady Mansion as I fantasize about it, ok? lol)... and since I can't buy the real world "Shady Mansion" that I would like just yet, I decided to make at least a virtual one. Cause... well, cause I can do that.

So, I took the word "homepage" literally, and made my personal website into a virtual "home", complete with rooms, a history, and even a few ghosts and hidden passageways (yes, that's what my personal dream home would be like... I'm a little Shabby Chic, a little Morticia). Why? Just for shits & giggles, I guess.

The way it works is: the sections of my website are broken up into "rooms"... i.e: the foyer= my homepage. My boudoir is my personal space, where you can find my diary, my bio, stuff like that. The parlor is where you can interact with me... sign my guestbook, get on the mailing list, find out where I'm hanging out online, and if I'm online at the moment, etc. The attic is where all the photo albums and old documents are stashed... you can browse through all my albums full of pics- pics of me, pics of friends, pics I took, etc- and read background stuff. You can just journey through these rooms to access all the areas of my site. Along the way, you will see many of the different original artworks and antiques that are a part of the virtual history of my "house"... you will find that if you click on some of these things- pull a candleholder, push on a painting, etc- you will open up a "hidden passageway" into the dark and haunted parts of the place! You can then either choose to explore deeper, or return to the website. You might get lost, or even encounter a ghost or some other dark beasty. If you don't wish to see that stuff, don't go clicking around for hidden passageways- you have been forewarned... mwaa haa haa.

You have your choice of viewing my website in frames or non-frames version, and if you wander off into the "haunted" sections (which are ALL non-frames), you can always enter the website again through the drawing room, again with your choice of frames or non-frames.

If you'd like to explore the entire "history" of the house, along with a blueprint map, you can start here, with a collection of some of the documents that I found in a trunk in the attic. They spell out some of the doomed and clouded history of the ghosts of the place, as well as provide some local history of about the house itself.

And there are still many more secrets about the house. Maybe in the future I will reveal them. Maybe not. For now, the secrets belong to the house.

Happy exploring... and watch our for those ghosts! See you inside...