Drusilla Marsters

Drusilla Marsters was the only child of Alexander and LilyAnne Marsters. She was born in the Marsters House, in 1878. Drusilla was raised by a succession of nannies, as her mother's already fragile metal health deteriorated quickly after her birth. Growing up in an isolated house, with an unbalanced mother and a distant father, Drusilla became a very somber, serious child. Her demeanor was hard for most to decipher. She hardly ever spoke, instead fixing her intense, silent gaze on anyone who addressed her. Her father sometimes feared she had inherited her mother's madness, but the girl was exceedingly bright, and well-behaved. She spent most of her time in the upstairs play room with her dolls. Sometimes she spoke to them in hushed whispers of indecipherable words, and treated them as if they were living things. Although she was not a difficult child, she was a strange child, and Alexander had trouble keeping nannies for the girl. Some left mysteriously, hurriedly, with hardly a backward glance after a few days on the job. Some claimed to just be uncomfortable with the child. A few just disappeared in the night, leaving behind empty rooms and even wages owed them... never to be heard from again.

The child's short life was marked by tragedy after tragedy; wherever she went, terrible things seemed to happen. Her mother died under violent and mysterious circumstances when the girl was only 4. Although rumors implied that little Drusilla was at the scene of her mother's death, this was only hearsay and the girl claimed not to remember a thing. Drusilla allegedly witnessed the horrific freak accident that took the life of the Coachman outside the house when she was 5. And one of her nannies, Sarah Maclay, was found dead of a gruesome apparent accident on the staircase. When questioned about any knowledge of these events, the child would only answer with her dark, penetrating eyes.

After her latest nanny's death, it became almost all but impossible for Alexander to find a nanny for the girl.

Rumors about little Drusilla spread... some whispered that she had more to do with the horrible happenings at the house than her innocent appearance would convey. After all, even her own mother had been completely terrified of the girl. It was said that her own father even had suspicions about her mother's death. No one had ever seen the little girl show any sign of emotion, or drop a single tear. She didn't even cry when her mother died. Some claimed to see more than a hint of supernatural malice in the child's dark eyes. Others claimed to hear demonic intonations in her childish whisperings. Legend says that LilyAnne Marsters used to wander the hidden catacombs under the house in a sleepwalking trance in the dead of night; they say she met a demon there, a demon who sired her child, Drusilla.

In 1885, one of the family's cooks fell ill and had to be replaced. It was always difficult to find new staff members for the Marsters House, despite the good wages Alexander offered. So, he was pleased when a timid, older woman named Miss Post appeared at the door unbidden early the next morning to apply for the cook's position. She was given the post, and began work that very day. Things worked out well with Miss Post at first; she was diligent and needed no instruction on how to do her job. She was quiet and gentle, with steel-grey hair pulled into a severe bun, and soft brown eyes; she wore a large silver crucifix around her throat which she fingered absently most of the time. She seemed very harmless, grandmotherly, even. However, much of the other staff found her odd, especially the intense, silent way she went about her work... as if she had an all-important agenda to attend to which only she understood.

And perhaps she did.

On the afternoon of October 17th, Drusilla didn't come down for lunch when called. Alexander went in search of the child; he headed up to the play room, where she spent most of her time playing with her dolls. As he entered the room, he saw her sitting at the little tea table with her back to him. He spoke her name, and got no response. As he approached the table and Drusilla, he noticed that she was sitting very still. When he moved around to the other side of the table and faced her, the reason for her stillness became all to apparent- she was dead. She sat stiff and silent with a tiny teacup in one hand, her eyes as blank as the dolls that ringed the table around her. Alexander left her as he found her and immediately went downstairs to summon the authorities.

Before they even arrived, the cause of the child's demise was made clear. The new cook, Miss Post, was found on her knees in the kitchen with her crucifix in hand, babbling incoherently about demon spawn and devils. On the stove, a batch of poisoned tea brewed silently.

Miss Post was taken into custody and eventually committed to a sanitarium for the criminally insane. When asked why she poisoned Drusilla Marsters, she claimed that it was her calling to rid the world of a child that was no child- she insisted that Drusilla had been a demon, and that she had been doing the Lord's work in dispatching of her. Many considered Miss Post to be completely insane, but there were those who nodded their heads knowingly in agreement with her claims.

The woman who poisoned little Drusilla during a deadly tea party suffered a gruesome fate herself. She was quite tormented by horrific nightmares; she would often awaken from them in a panic and hide. She believed that the spirit of Drusilla Marsters was looking for her. The staff  had to search for her many times in a twisted version of hide-and-seek. One morning, Miss Post was nowhere to be found. The staff assumed another post-nightmare hiding game, and began to search the usual hiding places for their charge. However, this time the routine took a turn for the deadly. It seems that Miss Post had woken in the night and run blindly down the stairs to the lower levels in search of a hiding place. She had somehow made her way into one of the rubbish storage bins. What she didn't realize, however, was that the bin she was hiding in was part of a trash-compacting system. Once she climbed in, the door locked behind her, trapping her inside. No one could hear her calls for help from inside the thick metal walls. As soon as the morning staff arrived for work, someone activated the compactor, slowly crushing Miss Post to death inside the bin. The incident was concluded to be a tragic accident.

As for Drusilla, her body was interred in the family burial ground. The only person at her funeral was her father, Alexander, who stood silent and emotionless as the tiny casket was lowered into the grave.

Many of the later owners of the house have spoken of seeing and experiencing many ghostly things in the house over the years. But perhaps the most dangerous specter is that of Drusilla Marsters. There have been many mysterious deaths, injuries, and other frightening occurrences associated with the appearance of her ghost. They say that she lurks upstairs near the play room, just waiting for the chance to give someone a shove down the stairs and make them her playmate forever. In fact, more than one person has fallen on the stairs after seeing her spirit. It's said that if you see her, you'd best go the other way... quickly.


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