The Lost Diner:

At the end of a narrow, rutted dirt road lies a darkly tree-shaded place filled with unknown mystery... this is the Lost Diner, the place for those who enjoy getting lost. Intrigued by the abandoned, the forgotten, the mysterious, the historical, the strange? Then this is the forum for you... come on in and have a virtual cuppa Joe on us... and don't forget- our weekly Thursday night chats in the chatroom!


In The Dark: Richard Laymon Fan Forum:

a dark and shadowy corner where Laymon fans can to gather to converse and pay homage to author Richard Laymon, the master of horror


Lost Club:

This is the official Lost Destinations Yahoo Group.... explore the strange and unusual... share stories, photos, maps, conversation, links, information, folklore, ideas, whatever, all are welcome!


Lost On Purpose (my journal):

My Yahoo 360 page/profile- where I post my personal blog entries, photos, lists, feeds, polls, and so much more... come read my blog, peruse my other links, and heck- add me to your friends list if you are a fellow 360-er! 


Land Of Lost Thoughts (my other journal):

The infamous personal-journaling (aka blogging) site, I've had my own journal there for years and post in it quite often (here's my LJ profile) And I luuuuuv making new LJ friends too (see where all my current friends are on my LJ clustermap!), so if you are on LJ, hit me up ;)







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