I seem to have collected/created a mess of Shady-like carcicatures, cartoons, avatars, and other types of silly, crazy images over the years (not to mention some of the great pictures some of my friends have drawn)... and these are some of my faves!


...below we have 4 funny lil' illustrated Shady toons, the first one was made by moi, and the next 3 were made with various online avatar generators... the middle 2 were made with ABI-Station portrait makers, the third one made with the Dookyweb.com avatar maker...

Shady by Shady          Mini-Shady          Illustrated Shady          Toony Shady

These next 2 rows of images were made using this crazy Face Transformer thingy (it lets you upload a pic of yourself and then see how you'd supposedly look as different ages, races, as painted by famous artists, etc) Behold: Original Shady... Baby Shady... Child Shady... MALE Shady... Grandma Shady... 'Manga' Shady...

Original Shady Baby Shady Child Shady Male Shady Grandma Shady 'Manga' Shady

...then Middle Eastern Shady... Asian Shady... African American Shady... Shady by 'Boticelli'... Shady by 'Mucha'... and Shady by 'Modigliani'... *giggle*

Middle-Eastern Shady Asian Shady African-American Shady Shady by 'Boticelli' Shady by 'Mucha' Shady by 'Modigliani'

I luuuurve these next images... they were all drawn by my super-talented and very dear friend, Mr. Dan Dofogh... aka Crazy Aussie From The Future... *wink* He's been drawing killer 'toons of me for as long as I've known him, and they are always so funny and cute, heh...

Shady by Dan Dofogh  Shady by Dan Dofogh  Shady by Dan Dofogh

Next, check out this faaaaabulous drawing that my lovely friend Francella did of she and I for my birthday (love it!)... and then there are 2 versions of how I see myself as a 'Lego', lol, which were made with the Mini-Mizer... and then, omg there's SOUTH PARK Me (made with this)... *falls out of chair laughing*

Shady & Francella, by Francella   LegoHead Shady   Lego Shady   South Park Shady

And finally..... many of you guys know that I an icon fiend... I collect them obsessively to use in my journal (and other places)... and for some reason, I always seem to randomly come across icons that either look like (and/or somehow remind me) of ME, hahaha... Below is a collection of some of my favorite such icons...

Mmmm  On The Floor  My Boobs Eat Souls  Homunculus  Kitty Cat

My Happy Face  Green-Eyed Bandit  Sleep Is For The Weak  Underjoyed  All Undone

Green Eyes  Not Afraid  Banana Dance  Beyond Repair  Purple People Eater

Moongazer  Lost Hope  Wired  Bad Hair Day  Compulsion Has Stained Me


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