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Yes... I have been known to turn my webcam on once in awhile when I'm online... which usually leads to some kind of goofy shenanigans or other... here are a few examples...


Here I am showing off a brand-new copy of Weird U.S.- the first-ever book that my photography/stories were published in... *squeee!*... and then randomly trying to display how crazy-long my hair has gotten...

Shady-cam  Shady-cam  Shady-cam  Shady-cam

The silly screencaps below are from the summer of 2004, when my kitty Sabre was still just a wee 'ickle kitten... the webcam caught our kisses & cuddles (and me in a bra- oopsie)... and I just love these funny pictures sooo much that I made this animated icon for my journal with them... tee hee.

Shady + Sabre = BFF!  Shady + Sabre = BFF!  Shady + Sabre = BFF!   Shady + Sabre = BFF!

Next 5 shots are from a rollicking night of rockabilly fun... I came home at 4 a.m. kinda inebriated and got on the webcam... and these are the incriminating results...

Drunkabilly!  Drunkabilly!  Drunkabilly!  Drunkabilly!

...and then here's a few shots of me being goofy (ahhh, what's new there) and playing around with the really cool little 'gun' lighter that Misery gave me... stick 'em up! (and yep that's him passed out back there on the couch, along with our kitty Nico)

Drunkabilly!  STOP or I'll... errr...light your cigarette!  STOP or I'll... errr...light your cigarette!  STOP or I'll... errr...light your cigarette!

And finally, here are 3 random shots of me sitting around in pigtails... and one last shot that makes me laugh because my webcam froze on that particular shot- and I was sitting like that because my webcam kept freezing up and was making me crazy.... heh

Shady Longstocking?  Shady Longstocking?  Shady Longstocking?  Bad Hair Day


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